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Northern Eagle Maple Cream - 1/2 lb
Northern Eagle Maple Cream - 1/2 lb

Northern Eagle Maple Cream - 1/2 lb


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Our Story

Northern Eagle Market LLC. is a small, veteran, family owned bussiness

Their unbelievably tasty family owned Pure Michigan Maple Syrup was the beginning product that started it all and eventually expanded in creating Breakfast Boxes that consist of Maple Syrup, Pancake Mix, and Coffee Beans. Northern Eagle Market is determined to serve it's customers Maple Syrup and Food needs while installing confidence with their "service first, service fast" approach.

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April Pearce

Happy Customer

Northern Eagle Market’s maple syrup is quality in every bottle. They pay attention to every detail all the way down to the packaging. The flavor has natural maple notes, nothing like you would get from the grocery store. I gifted a bottle to my mom and a friend for Mother’s Day and they both asked where they could get more. Even Buddy the Elf would be impressed by this stuff!

Judy Annette

Happy Customer

This Maple Syrup is freshly made and is delicious ! The Northern Eagle Market also has gifts of syrup and pancake mix! Great tasty gifts!

J.R. Wilkox

Satisfied Customer

Super good would suggest anyone to get a box and try the syrup! 

Ben Pendleton

Extravagant Customer

Northern Eagle Maple Syrup is some of the purest tasting syrup I've ever had. Every bite provides a smooth, silky, and naturally sweet flavor that can not be rivaled by mass produced store bought maple syrup products. I strongly recommend you give it a try!

Minh Nguyen

Private Chef

Can't get enough of this syrup I use it for my cooking and also for sweetening my coffee and tea! Get some for yourself!

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