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The Finest Maple Syrup

How Its Made 

Maple syrup begins as sap in the tree.  The tree is then "tapped" which is how the sap is extracted.  The sap comes out of the tree at roughly 1.5% -3.5% sugar.  The sap is then boiled down until it is 66% sugar.  Once the sap is transformed into syrup it is then put into bottle and enjoyed by all.

The Sugar Shack 

The Sugar Shack is the central processing build for our syrup operation.  This is where the evaporator, reverse osmosis machine, filtration machine and bottling Unit are located.

Sap Lines 

Northern Eagle began its sap collection by hanging buckets on trees.  As the operation grew, we were able to invest in sap lines.  These lines are placed throughout the forest to bring the sap to one central location.  The sap is then pumped to the Sugar Shack for processing. 

Reverse Osmosis Machine

Without the precision of filtration our sap would remain at 3.5 percent sugar water when extracted from the tree. Utilizing the RO Machine it filtrates our sap from 3 percent sugar water to 15 percent sugar water. Leaving us with a plethora of left over perfectly distilled drinking water straight from the trees! 


The process of evaporation begins after the sap has been thoroughly filtered through the RO Machine and sent towards the back pan of the evaporator. 

As the maple sap is heated it starts to turn into maple syrup because the water is evaporating from the sap leaving it to become thicker until it reaches the perfect consistency of 66 percent sugar and 216 Degrees. 

Filtration and Bottling 

After the syrup reaches it perfect temperature of 216 and the automatic valve comes open syrup comes out of the spout ready to be filter through the "filter press" to ensure absolute quality in every batch.

Finished Product 

After the maple syrup is filter one last time it is stored in the bottling unit that heats the syrup to 210 degrees which then allows for bottling to begin. 

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